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Monitoring SQL in Low Priv environments the smart way

If you have a low priv SQL environment, you’re probably well aware of the pain of configuring and managing the run-as accounts required for SQL management packs. Well, there is a much simpler way to configure the necessary permissions, without using run-as accounts. The solution is to use Service SIDs, a method that Kevin Holman first discovered and blogged

Disable SQL discovery for a group

In my environment the DBA team receive all SQL alerts from SCOM, but there are some SQL installations that the team doesn’t manage. They don’t want to receive alerts for the ‘non-managed’ SQL installations, which are mostly SQL express. However, we still need to monitor everything else on those servers. In addition, any new SQL

Create alert view based on Management Pack

Alert views in SCOM can be scoped on many things, but by default Management Pack is not one of them. While management packs generally come with their own alert views, sometimes it’s useful to be able to create a separate alert view – in my case for support teams who want all their views in

SCOM threshold overrides can’t contain decimal points

Today I discovered (the hard way) that SCOM threshold overrides can’t contain decimal points. I came across this issue when troubleshooting why one of our support teams didn’t receive a notification for low disk space. I checked the Operations Manager log on the affected server and found EventID 11903. This error is thrown because the Expression Filter