About me


Welcome to my blog. This is a space for me to write about issues that I come across in my day to day work. I’ll be writing primarily about Splunk, SCOM and SCCM, with a sprinkling of other random topics thrown in. My hope is that others will find the information in this blog useful as they come across some of the same challenges I’ve faced.

Why the visible ninja? All too often, sysadmins are like ninjas hiding in plain sight. They sit at their computer all day with their headphones on, staring at the screen. And no-one is entirely sure what they are doing. I believe the most successful sysadmins are visible ninjas – people who can articulate what they do and how they contribute to the success of the business.


My name is Lee Sartorelli and I currently work as an Infrastructure Specialist II at IAG NZ, based in Wellington. I have over 10 years of IT experience, specialising in monitoring and automation. My scripting language of choice is powershell, but I also have some experience with python (from Splunk) and vbscript (from SCOM). I enjoy the thrill of solving complex technical challenges, and also enjoy writing so starting a blog was a no brainer.

Feel free to get in touch with me via email: lee@sartorelli.gen.nz. I welcome any comments or suggestions for improvement as well as technical queries.


The views and blog posts are my own and do not reflect the views and opinions of my employer.